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Freedom Techniques

EFT is a mind-body pracice,  often referred to as Energy Psychology. It is based on the belief that negative thoughts and experiences can cause disruptions in your energy system; these can manifest into emotional imbalances, pain, disease and generally stop you leading a life that feels aligned and "in flow".

EFT is a way of shifting and reprogramming feelings stored in the sub-conscious mind.   The reason it is often referred to as "tapping" is because of the use of your fingertips to tap on accupressure points on your face and upper body.  Shifts can happen within minutes of using EFT,  but usually the expectation is that depending on our individual needs, healing may occur over several sessions and beyond.

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Under my guidance, we will use Cilnical, evidenced based  EFT to tap on certain meridian points.  Getting curious, observing what shows up, and moving through the process gently yet effectively.

This is a container for you to just allow; no judgement - I will hold space for you.

When working with me, it is always at your pace.   You do not need to "talk through" the issue.


There are many gentle techniques within EFT, allowing for us to always be moving where it feels most comfortable for your nervous system.

I can support you in any area of your life, including:  Limiting beliefs; Fears & phobias;  Weight Loss; Relationship blockages/issues; Feelings around a traumatic event.

Maybe you aren't sure what you would like to work on specifically, you just know that you are not living in flow; and you are ready to explore why and move forward.

Often the conscious mind has moved on, but the body has not.

Clinical EFT is evidence based; it's results are well documented and lasting.


Watch Dr Peta Stapleton discussing the science behind EFT and why it works. 

How to work with me

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Tapping Taster
4 x 75 minute sessions

This four-week EFT program is designed to help you experience the benefits of this mind-body practice and facilitate your healing. Through a combination of tapping on specific meridian points and addressing a specific desire or issue, you'll learn how to work with your mind and body to reduce stress, anxiety, and physical pain.

Payment plans available. 

To get started, book a discovery call.

Teenage girl practicing EFT or emotional freedom technique - tapping on collarbone point,

Tapping Top-ups
1 x 75 minute session
For Existing or previous
Clients only

For those I have worked with previously, familiar with my process and EFT.  This is  a one-off session, to check in with where you are at, keep up the momentum/flow state or address a new aspect.


To book, please email, call me - I am always happy to talk.

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"Align & Grow"
6 x 75 minute sessions

Embark on the journey to emotional freedom with my "Align & Grow" Emotional Freedom Techniques signature package.  Through six 75 minute sessions, we will collaborate to address and let go of emotional blockages; guiding you back to alignment with your true self.

I offer flexible scheduling and payment plans to suit your needs, along with tools to support yourself in-between sessions.


To find out more about the process, the first step is to book discovery call.

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Let's talk!

I will explain my process, you can ask questions.

You can decide, no obligation, if I am the person you would like to journey with.    

Simply request a time that works for you - even if it's in the evening and we'll go from there. 

Stepping into sessions with Emma means you’ll be supported to do the work to heal.  I’ve been having weekly EFT sessions and am so thankful for the healing I’ve experienced.  Emma’s ability to hold space for her clients is truely a gift and I recommend Emma to anyone who is willing to step forward and do the work to heal.


Nicole, Western Australia

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