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Learn Reiki

Imagine being able to access a self-healing tool anytime

you wanted to?

Reiki is that tool.

Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of "hands-on" healing.   

Reiki can be accessed for your emotional, physical,

energetic and spiritual health.  Everyone of us has the potential 

use this healing process and to integrate the principles into our lives

- for our highest good.

I will teach you and attune you to the

Usui Shiki Ryoho System of Natural Healing.

You can learn by attending a Reiki Workshop, by choosing to personalise your learning at a time that works for you or by attending a Reiki Retreat.

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Book a workshop

A workshop is a great way for you to learn Reiki (Shoden or Okuden) - to be held in sacred space and supported by myself and the other participants.       


You will experience Reiki healings first hand and feel confident taking your learning into your everyday life. 


Workshops are always limited to 6.

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Customised sessions - you choose when to learn

If you would love to learn Reiki, but none of the workshop dates suit you.   We can customise times and dates that work around your commitments. 

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Reiki Retreats

During a Reiki Retreat, you will be supported and guided by myself, another Reiki Master/Teacher and Ascended Masters.  You will not only learn Reiki (or deepen your connection to Reiki if you are booking Level 2 (Okuden), but you will be nurtured and held in sacred space for a whole weekend.   All meals, Sacred Cocao Cermony, Sound healing and EFT await.  It is a life-changing experience.

Learn Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)
Learn Reiki Level 1 (Shoden)
26 Oct 2024, 10:00 am

Anyone can learn Reiki!
The time may be right for you if you are:

🔶Looking for a tool to help you deeply relax; enabling your body's innate capacity to self-heal

🔶Looking for a way to help you to balance your emotions
🔶Wanting to expand your spiritual awareness and deepen your connection to your intuition
🔶Wanting to experience a deeper bond and heal your family & pets
🔶Wanting to re-connect to the Reiki energy after a break from practice

🔶Looking for a new modality to add to your wellness business

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Usui Ryoho Reiki System of Natural Healing


Reiki level 1


"First Teachings"

Reiki 1 is your initiation into the system of Reiki.  You will be attuned to and  learn how to channel the Divine Lifeforce Energy.   My emphasis for these teachings is self-healing and inner focus.  You may notice that you interact with the world around you in a way you may not have previously  as you embrace the Reiki Principles.

You will learn the origins of Reiki, how to give treatments to yourself and others, energetic hygiene practices and much more.    You will receive a Certificate of completion, your Reiki lineage documents and ongoing support.

  After Reiki 1 attunements you can successfully use Reiki to heal friends and family as well as yourself - it can be a life-changing experience.    


Reiki level 2 


"Inner Teachings"

In order to participate in Reiki 2,  you must first have completed Reiki 1 at least 3 months prior. 

Okuden is about deepening your connection to Reiki and so you must have had sufficient time to experience this energy and to allow it to fully integrate into your system.    During Okuden  you will be attuned to and  learn the first 3 symbols in the Usui system.    These symbols can be used to enhance your healings, for protection, for cleansing and for sending energy through time and space .

We will recap on good energetic hygiene practices and  prepare you to use Reiki 2 as an entry to becoming a Reiki Practitioner or adding Reiki as another modality to your wellness business should you be called to.


Reiki level 3 



In order to participate in Reiki level 3, you must first have completed Reiki level 2 at least 1 year prior.

Shinpiden represents a deeper commitment to your Reiki practice.     You will receive attunement to the 4th (and last ) symbol in the Uusi System.     This symbol and the learning at Level 3 mean that you can enhance your Reiki practice even further and if you wish to you may receive extra tuition and engage in the process of becoming a Reiki Master/Teacher. 

Emma delivered the course perfectly and answered any questions we had and guided us really gently.  I am excited to be able to help myself and others.

Leah,  Western Australia

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