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Balancing body, mind and spirit.

Reiki "Universal Life Force Energy" is a form of Energy Healing.   

It is known as "hands on" healing, it is gentle, but effective!   ​


During your Reiki session, I will work within your energetic field, as a conduit for the Reiki to

flow where it is needed most.   ​

Reiki has many benefits; these may include:​

  • Reducing Stress & anxiety - promoting deep relaxation

  • Providing Emotional Clarity

  • Awakening Intuition

  • Strengthening your Immune System

  • Balancing Chakras and releasing Energetic blockages

  • Releasing toxins in the body

  • Promoting pain relief and reducing muscle tension

  • Assisting the body in healing from injury

​Reiki will flow where it is needed most - always for your highest good. ​​


"Reiki is Love, Love is wholeness. Balance is Well being, Well being is freedom from disease" -

Dr Mikao Usui (founder of Usui Reiki)​


If you would like to learn this beautiful modality,

book in for a session or

learn how to use Reiki on yoursef, please get in touch.​​​

I'm just back home from the most beautiful Reiki Healing with Emma.  After experiencing feelings of overwhelm, heaviness, exhaustion and responsibility for a few weeks now.  I've walked away after my reiki healing feeling calm, anchored and so relaxed.  I now have clarity of what I need to change in my life and a whole new fresh perspective.  If you haven't experienced Reiki before with Emma, then you must!!  Thank you so much Emma for your healing hands and being your beautiful authentic self.

Michelle, Western Australia

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